Live Review: Lady Strangelove + Angels of Gung Ho + Oisima + Glass Skies + Pilot Dj’s + Fox Faermann DJ Drum Set - Jive, Adelaide (27.10.12)

The Adelaide music community really is one for all and all for one with Lady Strangelove’s launch for their new EP launch being host to various musical projects and featuring musical comrades from Pilot Records. Walking in to see Pilot Dj’s keeping the beat, the crowd was like I had stepped back into the seventies; leather, long hair and the irrefutable sense of community, support and love.

Glass Skies were like if you could take the ferocity of Spiderbait’s Kram, menacing bass riffs, droning synthtronica with jazz sporadicity and no vocals. Infact one song reminded me very much of Chemical Brothers ‘Let Forever Be’. Made up of Josh Van Looy on the drums and Azz Shaw on the Synth and Bass, they both also make part of Lady Strangelove with the only role change being that Josh plays guitar in the latter. Technically he needs more work on the drums but this biased opinion is solely based on the fact that he is an absolute guitar fiend and words cannot describe how crazy good he is to watch live making the guitar moan. I’m getting sidetracked, anyway they were pretty cool.

So lucky me a double dose of Oisima this weekend as the bearded synth maestro got behind the decks and played more beat heavy bass lines, ambient Hip-Hop and some sweet jazz infusions. Angels of Gung-Ho were bloody awesome, an explosive combo of electrified Bluesy Rock and good old Psychedelica with Dusty Lee playing the captivating frontman. Song ‘Walk the Plank’ reminded me of Audioslave and throughout the set Dusty’s double mic set-up with a retro radio-style circular mic which emitted a very cool lo-fi old school vocal effect. A grand set with Stone Age-Buckley-Zeppelin-esque music whilst bringing the sax back with a very catchy solo. I even saw Adelaide blogger Spoz, waving his lighter around during one particularly epic song.

This was my third time seeing Lady Strangelove live and - without demeaning anybody else - they are in my opinion the BEST emerging band Adelaide has to offer. When I watch them live I am certain they are the best emerging band Australia has to offer. With incense burning and Scanner Darkly playing on a projector in the background. Starting with ‘Devil Inside’, this is face-melting-brain-exploding-body-turning-to-mush-baby-making psychedelic awesomeness at its best, live and in your face. Assaulting all senses and blowing your mind, each song is intensely powerful with vocal and guitar crescendos – especially on new song ‘Staircase’ – I could try and sound arty-farty going into specific technical musical detail on why they’re the bomb. Until you see them live you’ll just have to take my word on this; you’re f*cking missing out. On the purist, Hendrix-incarnate guitar play, wailing Plant-esque vocals, melodic heavy drumming, loose and spacey synths and fuzzy bass lines all wrapped up in musical orgasmic bliss. Guitarist Josh’ head back, eyes closed, thrusting with the music or grinding on the floor, Vocalist Brenny screeching down the mic, hands twisted Palsy-like shaking, Fox topless leaping up and down on the stool, head rolling and Azz manipulating the bass and the synth at the same time. Last song ‘Demon’ was I.N.S.A.N.E an over eleven minute wonder that turned everyone in the room on and left me out of breath (didn’t realise I was holding it in). Best Adelaide band – end of story.