Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: Eastend Cabaret - 'Dirty Talk' - Idolize Spiegeltent (18.02.14)

EastEnd Cabaret Dirty Talk

Sultry diva Bernadette Byrne and her manwoman sidekick, Victor Victoria, return to the Adelaide Fringe to present their newest collection of songs and stories that are equal parts filthy and fabulous. This talented duo have been taking international audiences by storm with their unique brand of comically perverse songs and playful performances, finding light heartedness in deviant subject matters that’ll leave tears of laughter streaming down the faces of everyone in the room.

Those with a fear of audience participation may as well leave your reservations at the door, as audience participation is half the fun of this show and believe me, nobody is safe (especially if you’re a young, virile man). It won’t matter whether you are front row aisle side or smack bang in the middle of the sixth row, Bernadette will find you and you will be made a spectacle of. From her grand entrance on the two-headed man-beast, to finding a suitable partner for her rap project, or just some good old fashioned face licking, the audience makes up a solid portion of this show.

From start to finish, 'Dirty Talk' is full of smutty jokes executed with perfect class. The combination of Bernadette’s deviant raunchiness and Victor’s scrappy idiocy is a match made in heaven. If there were ever a definition of partners in crime, I think you will find it here. The pair complement each other flawlessly, bouncing off one another with perfect improvisation, remaining completely composed and in character even during pesky technical difficulties. They swoon such songs as "Accidental Anal", "Tiny Sex Robots" and the crowd pleasing "Danger Wank", proving that dirty doesn’t always have to be creepy and can in fact be outright hilarious.

If you’ve seen EastEnd Cabaret before, you will know exactly what to expect, as parts of 'Dirty Talk' carried over from 2013’s performance, 'Notoriously Kinky'. The only disappointment here was hearing some recycled songs and jokes, but in their defense, the re-used material was classic, so let’s not hold that against them. 'Dirty Talk' is everything a good cabaret show should be; saucy, hilarious, visually pleasing and utterly ridiculous. This power duo of feminine energy has nailed the recipe to success for an award-winning Fringe performance; booze, sexual innuendo and side splitting hilarity.