Live Review: Andy Bull + New Navy - Jive, Adelaide (18.09.14)

"Where were you ten years ago?!" Andy Bull deadpans, during the encore of his set, before laughing, "No seriously, I appreciate you all a lot. Thank you and see you next time." It's one of those moments where you laugh, but if you've been a fan of his for the last however many years, part of you does think, 'Well? Where was this crowd?' Standing in a venue which was barely full for the Sydney musician when he last headlined here some time ago now, now completely sold out, brings with it a sense of accomplishment...and I'm not even the artist. Being an Adelaide-based music fan, seeing a musician being able to crack this city and sell it out on a weeknight is a commendable feat on its own and Andy Bull made sure the crowd got what they paid for.

Live Review: Angus & Julia Stone + Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (12.09.14)

Angus and Julia Stone's first Australian stop for 2014 was absolutely unforgettable - from the goosebump-inducing harmonies to the amusing on-stage banter, each moment was filled with something special. Their melodious storytelling made me feel like the only one in the room, regardless of the fact that I was submerged in a sea of 2000 people which is something only very special artists can achieve.

Photo Gallery: Angus and Julia Stone + Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (12.09.14)

Brother/sister duo, Angus and Julia Stone are in the middle of a sold out Australian tour to promote their new album. John Goodridge was at the Thebbie Theatre in Adelaide to capture these images of the duo plus the Brisbane support act, Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Live Review: Biffy Clyro + Calling All Cars - HQ, Adelaide (09.09.14)

Biffy Fucking Clyro. Biffy FUCKING Clyro. It's an odd feeling being in a room as small as HQ tonight, generally regarded these days as being one of Adelaide's best venues for live music, given the band's international status. The crowd isn't the largest I've seen the venue operate with, but it didn't matter tonight - when Biffy Clyro return to play bigger venues sometime in the future, I know I can say I'd seen something special tonight.

Photo Gallery: Biffy Clyro - HQ, Adelaide (09.09.14)

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro are touring Australia on the back of the release of their latest album Opposites. Our photographer John Goodridge was at HQ to catch the lads bringing their energetic rock show to Adelaide.

Live Review: Kanye West + Pusha T - Adelaide Entertainment Centre (07.09.14)

Say what you will about Kanye West, but when you catch him on a good night, he's brilliant. Adelaide marked the second night of the Yeezus Tour and coming off the back of a successful show in Perth a few nights previous, the Chicago rapper brought a career-spanning set to an arena of fans of all age demographics and ticked all the right boxes. The show (the 'scaled back' version) itself was everything we've come to expect from Kanye: indulgent, dramatic and clever, without forgetting that unique brand of egotism that the press loves to target.

Photo Gallery: Kanye West - Adelaide Entertainment Centre (07.09.14)

Yeezus exists and he charged through Adelaide overnight to a packed Entertainment Centre, where Lauren headed to get a glimpse.

Live Review: Anberlin + The Getaway Plan - HQ, Adelaide (04.09.14)

American alt-rockers Anberlin called it quits earlier this year after a monumental 12 years together and the release of seven much-loved studio albums. They chose to go out with a bang, bidding adieu to every corner of the globe with their almost-sold-out farewell tour. Each band member did their best to make the performance truly unforgettable and it showed in the audience's careless dance moves, off-key singing and thunderous applause.

Live Review: Sticky Fingers + Lyall Moloney + Luke Carlino - The Gov, Adelaide (05.09.14)

Sydney's Sticky Fingers have only just kicked off their national 'Land of Pleasure Tour', with their first show in Adelaide only marking their second overall. While they remain the same bunch of lads who would play down by the beach frequently when in town years ago, you can tell that they've developed into a band with a refined creative direction - the playfulness is still there, but the music ante has been upped and it translates brilliantly on the live front.

Photo Gallery: the AU review's 6th Birthday Party Adelaide ft. Fishing + Datakae - Rocket Bar (29.08.14)

Six amazing years of our personal favourite website the AU Review celebrated on the rooftop at Rocket Bar. Adelaide musician Datakae and Sydney Duo Fishing were there to help celebrate along with a late surprise visit from The Kite String Tangle himself. Our photographer John Goodridge was there and grabbed a few snaps of the night.

Live Review: The Used + Taking Back Sunday + Corpus - HQ, Adelaide (21.08.14)

Remember 2006? I do. For some reason for the last year and a half I haven't been able to stop remembering 2006. Anyway, if you remember 2006, there are two bands who almost definitely remind you of ripped fishnets of very badly dyed hair: The Used and Taking Back Sunday. And, like the redo of 2006 that 2014 seems to be turning into sometime, both The Used and Taking Back Sunday, along with Sydney punk duo Corpus, played at Adelaide's HQ Complex on the 21st of August.

Live Review: Uncle Jed + Alex Gibson - The Gov, Adelaide (21.08.14)

The Gov was transformed into a jazz lounge as glasses of red wine were poured by the light of candles. The vibe was warm, relaxed and homey, with a crackling fireplace in the corner. Seated around tables, an older audience gathered to witness Uncle Jed, the talented 2013 ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ stars, work their magic on stage.

Photo Gallery: The Used + Taking Back Sunday - HQ, Adelaide (21.08.14)

The Used and Taking Back Sunday double headlining tour opened in Adelaide on Thursday night at HQ, where Lauren Connelly headed to bring us these photos.

Arts review: Meryl Tankard's 'The Oracle' - Adelaide Festival Theatre (20.08.14)

Meryl Tankard's dance piece, The Oracle, is an incredible piece of theatre with performer Paul White the literal star of the show. As the sole performer he captivates and fascinates with his mastery of movement of the human body.

Live Review: Madeleine Hunt + Young Sultans - Pirie & Co. Social Club, Adelaide (15.08.14)

Fresh on the market songstress Madeleine Hunt launched her debut EP on Friday night, and while the EP is called Hollow, the crowd certainly wasn’t.