Arts Review: Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular - Adelaide Entertainment Centre (24.01.15)

In an age where television is becoming more and more like a big screen film experience, it's safe to say audiences have come to expect quite a bit from their favourite shows. For Doctor Who fans, this has been a strong truth ever since the iconic British show was revived in 2005. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014, Doctor Who now more than ever, has become a worldwide phenomenon and has branched out from its TV surrounds more than ever before - the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular being a perfect example.

Live Review: mewithoutYou + Elliot The Bull + Stranger Things Have Happened + Sincerely, Grizzly - Adelaide UniBar (24.01.15)

“This song is about a bear committing suicide”. That's how mewithoutYou singer Aaron Weiss introduced their second to last song of their set in Adelaide's UniBar on the 24th of January. It's that kind of thing – the song was 'Bears Vision of St Agnes' from Ten Stories, by the way – that sums up the blend of bizarrely entertaining and deeply maudlin that mewithoutYou bring to both their live show and their albums.

Live Review: Passenger + The Once - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre (20.01.15)

A sheet of cross-legged fans formed the floor of the theatre, hungrily awaiting a sign of life. Rosy-cheeked children munched on iceblocks while grey-haired couples chattered close by; an unspoken harmony connected the audience and made Passenger’s warmhearted energy evident long before he hit the stage.

Photo Gallery: Passenger - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre (20.01.15)


Passenger played to a lively and enthusiastic crowd at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Tuesday night. Kerrie Geier was there for the AU review.

Photo Gallery: Nelly - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (15.01.15)


It was hot up in Thebarton Theatre on Thursday night and the huge crowd were ready to party as Nelly hit the stage. Kerrie Geier was there for the AU review.

Live Review: Crypt + Hydromedusa + Iron Worzel + Tombsealer + Grimalkin - Worlds End, Adelaide (09.01.15)

World’s End is one of if not the premier venues for heavy music in the Adelaide CBD. Whereas Enigma touts core and ‘punk’ music World’s End ensure that progressive rock and metal, stoner, sludge and doom all get their chance to shine, even some grind and black metal. It’s real, has a sturdy vibe and will become a powerhouse when they have the facilities to run their third story bar. Yeah – the place is massive!

Live Review: The 1975 + Circa Waves - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (10.01.15)

I'm still struggling to figure out how The 1975 have managed to cultivate this cult-like following in Australia over the past year - the British band haven't enjoyed much radio play here, and yet they've managed to move so may tickets on this, their first headline Australian tour, that extra shows had been announced in Melbourne and Sydney plus an additional Adelaide show that hadn't been featured on the original bill.

Photo Gallery: The 1975 + Circa Waves - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (10.01.15)

Lauren Connelly brings us photos from The 1975's stellar show at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide last night, accompanied by Circa Waves. See her gallery here:

Live Review: Tkay Maidza + Tink + Valleys - Pirie & Co, Adelaide (20.12.14)

Tkay Maidza burst onto the scene in September last year with her widely popular single ‘Brontosaurus’. Since then, the young Adelaide rapper has amassed an impressive following, epitomised by her first sold-out show in Adelaide on Saturday night at Pirie Social Club.

Photo Gallery: Tkay Maidza - Pirie & Co Social Club, Adelaide (20.12.14)

Tkay Maidza

After a massive 2014 Adelaide's Tkay Maidza rounded out the year with a sold out gig at Pirie & Co. Social Club. Kerrie Geier was there for the AU review.

Photo Gallery: Orianthi + Richie Sambora - The Gov, Adelaide (21.12.14)

Orianthi and Richie Sambora

Orianthi played a sold out hometown show The Gov on Sunday. With a band made up of bandmates from her very first cover band, and complete with extra special guest Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, she showed the Adelaide crowd why she is one of the greatest guitarists out there. Kerrie Geier was there for the AU review.

Live Review: Jack Carty + Playwrite - The Grace Emily, Adelaide (11.12.14)

Jack Carty arrived at the quaint Grace Emily in Adelaide on the home stretch of his 32-show tour in promotion of new album Esk. The venue and Carty both share a warmth and charm providing the perfect, homely setting for the New South Welshman’s moody storytelling.

Live Review: Illy + Tkay Maidza + Baro - HQ, Adelaide (12.12.14)

Illy's had a big year. With the release of Cinematic at the end of 2013, the rapper had a huge new block of material which has been toured heavily through this year; national festival appearances, international touring with the Hilltop Hoods, plus two headline tours of metro and regional venues...all of it leading to this, his final run of shows for the year. The 'One For The Cities Tour' marked not only another run around the country off the back of latest single "One for the City", but the final block of Australian gigs for Illy and the Cinematic cycle. And, as expected, the final show of the tour - falling in Adelaide - went out not with a whimper, but a bang.

Live Review: Cloud Nothings + Sincerely, Grizzly + West Thebarton Brothel Party - Adelaide Unibar (09.12.14)

I've been attending shows in this fine city for years now and still, the concept of have a decently attended gig on a weeknight freaks me out slightly. Sure, there has been a nice resurgence in a love of live music within the community over the past few years especially, but as I stand inside the Adelaide Unibar, a venue which soon may be no more, I'm still a bit worried that people won't turn up to play for our international guests tonight. Cloud Nothings had added an Adelaide date to their short run of Meredith Festival sideshows and I was stoked to finally be able to see the Ohio rock band perform, having missed them at the clusterfuck of a festival that was Laneway 2013.

Live Review: Apes + Rat Ta'Mango - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (05.12.14)

It’s been a long-time coming since first hearing their popular single “Seven” but I finally got to see Ballarat garage rock band APES and boy was it worth the wait.