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Travel News: The city of Los Angeles prepares for DineL.A's Summer Restaurant Week 2015

An extensive roster of over 300 restaurants has now been locked in for the forthcoming DineL.A's Restaurant Week, a popular biannual event that delivers 14 days of exclusive dishes, fixed price menus, and a sense of culinary adventure to the famed city of angels. The event will kick off on July 13th and last through to 26th July.

A Day Trip To Houston: Visiting NASA’s Space Center Houston

Trivia fact: Houston, Texas is America’s fourth largest city. And one of its most popular tourist attractions is the Space Center Houston which is the official visitors centre of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Opening in 1992, the Space Centre Houston has seen 17 million people pass through its gates. Its main mission is to provide a fun and engaging educational experience on the subject of space exploration. The centre itself features more than 400 space artifacts as well as numerous permanent and traveling exhibits (on my visit there were Angry Bird and Ripley’s exhibits on display).

Seven reasons why we can't wait for the Calgary Stampede

With history and tradition that stems back to the late 1800s, the Calgary Stampede is one of the world's longest running events. Part rodeo, part exhibition, part Easter Show-esque carnival, part music festival, the Stampede kicked off in Calgary, Alberta, Canada today, starting an impressive ten day event that will bring in over a million attendees from Canada and around the world. We're excited that we'll be part of the latter category next week, bringing you exclusive coverage of the event for the first time. And, as we work to get excited about it all (believe me, it's not hard), we're letting you in on the seven reasons we can't wait for the festival.

Travel Feature: The Top Five Towns to Visit in Europe (That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)

Being an Australian overseas leaves you target for long open-ended conversation with two types of people – those who love Australia and haven’t been, and those who love Australia and have been. However, when I hear someone say they’ve been to Oz, and then proceed to tell me they saw Sydney and Melbourne – for five days a piece no less – the same thought always crosses my mind. That’s not the real Australia. Immediately town names are flying through my head of places to recommend should they ever get back to the land down under, so they can see the ‘real’ Australia.

International Arts Feature: North Carolina Museum of Art's George Holt talks about their exciting Summer Season

As those who just attended Dark Mofo would attest though, it's a cold winter here in Australia for art lovers. But up in North America they're well and truly enjoying the heat of Summer. Every State in the US has their own claim to fame when it comes to their galleries and art institutions, but few have taken our interest more than the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Aussies Abroad: Spookyland, Hermitude, What So Not and Angus and Julia Stone hitting Lollapalooza, touring North America and Europe

To further our support of Australian artists touring internationally, we are presenting the tour dates of four more talented Aussie bands touring in USA, Canada and all over Europe this season. Get ready to pencil these down.

Five places to enjoy your evenings in San Antonio, Texas

After you survive the day in San Antonio you can read about my day HERE, then it's time to head out on the town for the evening. There are a myriad of options in the city, and if you know where to look there's even quite a lot of what you don't expect. And while I was in San Antonio, that's what I wanted to experience - something a little bit different.

Travel News: United Airlines announces Fourth of July sale for Sydney to USA hotspots

In celebrating Independence Day, United Airlines have announced a special fare sale that will last for the next 10 days, offering up return flights between Sydney and U.S hotspots L.A, Las Vegas, San Francsisco, and New York City, as well as other destinations.

Flight Review: Air Canada - Los Angeles to Toronto (AC786)

We continue our Flight Review series, this time flying from Los Angeles to Toronto via Air Canada. Click through to check out Editor Larry Heath's service review, covering everything from in-flight entertainment and meals to comfort and hot tips for traveling...

A Day in San Antonio, Texas: Part Two - Touring the missions, visiting El Mercado and eating plates and plates of tacos.

When it comes to rich cultural history, there are few cities in America with more to offer than San Antonio, Texas. Situated less than 90 minutes drive from Austin, Texas, San Antonio used to be one of the State's best kept secrets. But now, it's one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, with the second largest population in the State of Texas, home to 1.6 million people. In part one we took you down the city's famous River Walk and to lunch at the Pearl Brewery. As we continue our journey, we discover other ways to explore the city...

A Day in San Antonio, Texas: Part One - Hitting the Alamo and travelling the River Walk to the Pearl Brewery

When it comes to rich cultural history, there are few cities in America with more to offer than San Antonio, Texas. Situated less than 90 minutes drive from Austin, Texas, San Antonio used to be one of the State's best kept secrets. But now, it's one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, with the second largest population in the State of Texas, home to 1.6 million people.

Tour Diary: Mathas (WA) on the road with Funkoars (Part Three)!

The end of the Funkoars' national tour has taken some serious recovery. Wrapping up with a stomper show in their hometown of Adelaide, the entire Golden Era family rolled up to celebrate. Mathas, who has been giving us some insights into his experiences on the road with the hip-hop crew, presents us with his final tour diary installment - from reconnecting with the Big Village mob in Sydney, almost sleeping in Newcastle car park, to meeting everyone's hero Larry Emdur, the last leg of the Funkoars tour was a hectic trip for the WA MC.

Hotel Review: Ace Hotel - Midtown, New York City

It's almost midnight as I arrive at the Ace Hotel, jumping out of a taxi, having flown into Newark Airport on the other side of the Hudson. I walk past someone taking a selfie with a man who I assume is famous; he is ushered into a car moments later (then again, with Uber, who knows these days). The Broadway inspired lights of the Ace Hotel's entry beam onto me, as the Empire State Building towers behind me. It was difficult to escape the bleeding obvious at this point: I had arrived in New York City. And I liked it.

Tour Diary: Twin Lakes (Newcastle) take on the Aussie BBQ, check out new bands in Singapore and eat some laksa... (Part Two)

Earlier this week, Twin Lakes shared the first part of their Music Matters Tour Diary with us. Now, we bring you Part Two, still at the heart of Music Matters. For their last three days in Singapore, the guys share their experiences with us, from city explorations and the Aussie BBQ, to discovering new music and meeting other Aussies. See the full tour diary below...

Travel News: The long awaited Union Pearson Express arrives at Toronto International Airport

Much like Melbourne, for a city with one of the best public transport systems in the world, the airport seems to have been neglected over the years in Toronto, Canada. In the past, to get downtown from the airport it took a bus, a couple of trains and roughly over an hour to get to your final destination. The cost was only CA$3 and it was a relatively painless experience, but when the only other option is a $60+ taxi, it feels like more options should have been on offer. Hell, even Melbourne has an express bus service.