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Touring Tips For When You're On The Road from Melbourne's Hamish Anderson

Is drinking the night before a gig a good idea? Is it necessary to bring a pillow while on tour? What kind of food do you eat in Canada? When you're a musician, sometimes it's tough making decisions on your own. Doing what you love in a new country can be scary and with it comes its blessings and challenges. We've got the answers to the all-important questions, as Melbourne's Hamish Anderson shares his top touring tips with us earlier this year at Canadian Music Week. Watch the full interview below!

The best ways to get to Toronto, Canada from Australia (and a few travellers tips for your arrival)

This May, the annual music festival and conference Canadian Music Week will be opening its doors to the world, shining a spotlight on Australia and New Zealand, bringing with it dozens of bands and delegates from our countries up to the great city of Toronto. Why not come and join us? Over the next two weeks on AU Abroad we'll be taking you on a special journey to the city to firstly, let you know how to get there and then give you some insight into what to do while you're there, as they finally leave their cold winter behind and head towards the beautiful Canadian Summer. But we start off with the journey itself, which can be as quick or as lengthy as you see fit.

Five things you have to eat when in Singapore

In our recent article looking at the Hawker centres of Singapore, we outlined a few of the places to get some of the best and cheapest food in the city. But to eat some of the best food in the city, you may have to venture away from these areas... still, none of the items on this list will cost you an arm nor a leg if you know where to look. It's all about eating with the locals...

How to eat in Singapore: The Hawker Centres

There is a general misconception about the food and drink culture of Singapore that puts it as an expensive, primarily upper class enterprise. Indeed, most of the tourist traps hold true to this - and the bar culture in Singapore makes the already overpriced $7+ schooner at Australian pubs seem like a bargain (we're talking $15+ in most Singapore bars). But venture out to what are known as the hawker centres - a food court like arrangement featuring Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean street food - and you'll find $3 meals, $5 beers and the finest example of the region's cuisine. And unlike other regions in Asia, you can eat here knowing you're in safe hands thanks to Singapore's world-renowned cleanliness.

Searching for the best "Poutine" in Quebec, Canada.

When one speaks of the cuisine of Quebec, it's impossible to ignore the simple yet much loved dish "Poutine". Essentially chips, cheese and gravy - something which is also popular in places like Scotland - it may seem hard to understand without experiencing it for yourself just what makes this stomach pleaser such an anticipated attraction of the region. But I'm going to do my best.

Touring Tips and Favourite Spots with Gold Coast's Fairchild

Gold Coast indie pop band Fairchild share with AU Abroad their touring tips and favourite eating spots around the world... as well as their love of Ramen, naturally!

What's the best way get to Manhattan from Newark International Airport in New Jersey?

Flying into Newark (EWR) can not only often be a cheaper way to get into New York with some airline carriers, but it can also be an easier way to get into Manhattan on arrival, too. Unlike La Guardia (LGA) and similar to the crowded John F Kennnedy (JFK), Newark has a train station connected directly to the Airport, accessible by an AirTrain which connects the station to the airport's three terminals and four parking structures.

Travel Tips: Catching the Flyaway from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)

Los Angeles is a difficult city to navigate without a car, but it's something those on a budget need to manage one way or another. Arriving at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is the first step in that navigation. How do you get the hell out of there as quickly as humanly possible? Over the years I've generally jumped into one of the SuperShuttle services, where you join others trying to save a bit of money getting from the airport to their destination, but in my most recent US travels I decided to give the public transport option a go - or at least the closest thing to it available - The FlyAway bus.