Little National Hotel aims to bring affordable luxury to Barton, Canberra


Those who have explored the ultra-modern Realm Precinct in Barton, Canberra should already be familiar with Doma Group and the huge focus on stylish, comfortable, and intriguing design they have drawn on to transform their slice of our nation's capital. You need but spend one night in the 5-star Hotel Realm or the boutique Burbury Hotel, or dine at Lilotang or Malamay, to get a feel for the high standard the group holds itself to. It's this high standard that makes their latest boutique offering so exciting.

The brand new Little National Hotel aims at bringing an affordable luxury experience to Barton, offering the same high standard but at "a new price", standing in contrast the more pricey options in the area without sacrificing the quality people have come to expect from Doma Group.


Firstly, the most distinctive thing about Little National Hotel is that it is located on top of a four-level car park, an interesting concept mirrored in it's efficient and spacious design. The sharp focus is on smart luxury, high amenity, keeping costs reasonable so guests can fully explore the prime location properly, achieving that rare balance between price point and quality that's aimed at either the business, conference, or leisure guest.


There are 120 rooms throughout the forward-thinking, two-story hotel with five-star amenities in each room including super king sized beds, wall-to-wall windows, rain showers, sizeable HD televisions, free-high speed WiFi, and more. The public guest areas have been designed with space in mind, with the biggest example being the hotel library and lounge which can be ideal for both social meetings and quiet time.



"There is an international movement toward this new category known as affordable luxury hotels that is being spearheaded in Europe," explained Jure Domazet of Doma Group, "[Little National Hotel] recognises that there is a community of travelers that seek a highly tailored and beautiful product that provides the essentials of accommodation with no compromises, but at a new price."


Little National Hotel is located at 21 National Circuit, Barton, Canberra. Rooms start at $119 a night.

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