Flight Review: Tigerair - Sydney to Coolangatta (TT604)

Coolangatta airport is the main stop if you want to get up to Gold Coast or surrounds, with Byron Bay and Brisbane only a relatively short shuttle ride away. As such, this route is one of the most important and frequented in Australia with so much happening in Queensland year-round. From music festivals to special events, most Australians have made the wise move towards budget airlines, an increasingly crucial service seeing as these aforementioned events really do require your time, attention, and most of all, money. Saving our cash for a series of events in on the Gold Coast, we recently hopped on Tigerair and bring you a profile of the flight up there on their snug A320.

Airline: Tigerair
Route: Sydney to Coolangatta, TT604
Seat: 1F (Window seat of a 3-3 configuration in Economy)
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Capacity: 180 seats
Toilets: 3 toilets (1 front / 2 rear)
Exits: 8 exits (2 front / 4 overwing / 2 rear)
Scheduled Flight Time: 1 Hr 21 Minutes (Approx.)
Schedule: on time arrival, 20 minute late departure (unknown delay)
Ticket Type: Starter Economy.
Mobile Check-In: Yes.

Check-in and Gate: Check-in is open 2 hours before flight time and closes 45 minutes before scheduled take-off. The option to electronically check-in has now been well established with domestic flights, and Tigerair is no exception here, with an efficient check-in process that gives you more than enough time to casually stroll to the gate. The departure gates for Tigerair are towards the back of Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal and there's a small cafe at the gates with hot food and all the standard last-minute stuff.

Meal Service: Being a short flight, there's only one cabin service in the air which starts shortly after the seatbelt sign is turned off. All food and drink is an extra cost, but prices are kept fairly cheap for an airline. Snacks, soft drinks, and wine are all available with more substantial pre-packaged meals like a sandwich or banana bread. Some packages are available for pre-order through the Tigerair website.

Retail: The in-air retail store for Tigerair is small and mostly made up of last-minute necessities such as earphones and adapters, although there is their mascot - Toby the Tiger - available as a plushie.

In-Flight Entertainment: There are no entertainment options but Tigerair's branded magazine is nice and simple, a pleasure to read and functioning as a food and culture guide for Australia.

Comfort: My favourite thing about Tigerair is the nice amount of legroom, and this is particularly noticeable in the first row. The seats are comfortable enough, with a generous recline.

Customer Service: The cabin crew on the flight were fairly quiet, happy to oblige if you need help but mostly content with letting you get on with the flight with as little interruption as possible. It's a welcome approach with short flights, especially for those who travel a lot for work.

Extra: Tigerair's newest product is the 'Cabin +' option which allows you 12kg of carry-on weight as opposed to the standard 7kg. Weight checks are very stringent and thorough, being a smaller aircraft. Extra weight is charged at $20 per kg which is fairly pricey, so having a 12kg allowance makes a huge difference especially if you're taking a few extra things up for an event.

Headline image supplied and credited to James Morgan

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Chris flew as a guest of Tigerair