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Six weird things to do in New England (USA) this year

The region of New England in the North-East of North American is made up of six states; Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. It shares a border with New York, yet it’s often overlooked on the tourist trail. The region is seriously rich in history, so here are 6 unusual yet culturally enriching New England events you can get involved in this year.

Spotlight on Airlie Beach, QLD: From Airlie Beach Music Festival to the Great Barrier Reef

beach fest

After spending just three days at the increasingly popular holiday destination of Airlie beach, it became abundantly clear that the area has a terrific range of activities, cafes and restaurants on offer. From the incredible live music being played across a range of venues for the Airlie Beach Music Festival, to the spectacular experience of heading out to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkelling and diving – this is anything but a sleepy beach town.

App Review: Why 'HotelTonight' is necessary for the modern day traveller

Increasingly popular hotel booking app HotelTonight has recently launched in Australia following high demand, and it's opened up some pretty big possibilities where last minute bookings, staycations, and travel is concerned. Now, Australians have access to a directory of last-minute deals from some of the country's most well-known and regarded hotels, and the price cuts are pretty substantial, making it all the more tempting to play it by ear and book last minute.

Aussies Abroad: Generik, HOWQUA and British India take on North America, Remi tours Europe, SAFIA and Dune Rats... everywhere!!

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting Australian artists touring internationally, we bring you the latest installment of Aussies Abroad. This week, Dune Rats, Generik, Remi, SAFIA, HOWQUA, and British India....

Five places you have to eat when in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a city well known for its music - but it's also filled with some of the best examples of American cuisine, from breakfasts that are loved by Taylor Swift, to the superb Tennessee BBQ scene and some of the most impressive burgers you'll ever have the pleasure of putting your lips around. Here now are our five favourite places the locals told us to try - and we think should be a part of everyone's itinerary to the capital of Country Music!

A Wintery Weekend in the Otway Ranges (Victoria, Australia)

When planning a weekend getaway in Victoria, it’s easy to think of Wilsons Prom, the Yarra Valley, Daylesford or The Grampians. But tucked away in the back pocket of The Great Ocean Road is the unassuming but up-and-coming little sister, sporting breathtaking views and forests for days. We were lucky enough to spend a wintery weekend in the Otway Ranges, or “the hills” according to our host Brett at Otway Escapes.

Seven reasons why we can't wait for the Calgary Stampede

With history and tradition that stems back to the late 1800s, the Calgary Stampede is one of the world's longest running events. Part rodeo, part exhibition, part Easter Show-esque carnival, part music festival, the Stampede kicked off in Calgary, Alberta, Canada today, starting an impressive ten day event that will bring in over a million attendees from Canada and around the world. We're excited that we'll be part of the latter category next week, bringing you exclusive coverage of the event for the first time. And, as we work to get excited about it all (believe me, it's not hard), we're letting you in on the seven reasons we can't wait for the festival.

Travel Feature: The Top Five Towns to Visit in Europe (That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)

Being an Australian overseas leaves you target for long open-ended conversation with two types of people – those who love Australia and haven’t been, and those who love Australia and have been. However, when I hear someone say they’ve been to Oz, and then proceed to tell me they saw Sydney and Melbourne – for five days a piece no less – the same thought always crosses my mind. That’s not the real Australia. Immediately town names are flying through my head of places to recommend should they ever get back to the land down under, so they can see the ‘real’ Australia.

Five places to enjoy your evenings in San Antonio, Texas

After you survive the day in San Antonio you can read about my day HERE, then it's time to head out on the town for the evening. There are a myriad of options in the city, and if you know where to look there's even quite a lot of what you don't expect. And while I was in San Antonio, that's what I wanted to experience - something a little bit different.

A Day in San Antonio, Texas: Part Two - Touring the missions, visiting El Mercado and eating plates and plates of tacos.

When it comes to rich cultural history, there are few cities in America with more to offer than San Antonio, Texas. Situated less than 90 minutes drive from Austin, Texas, San Antonio used to be one of the State's best kept secrets. But now, it's one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, with the second largest population in the State of Texas, home to 1.6 million people. In part one we took you down the city's famous River Walk and to lunch at the Pearl Brewery. As we continue our journey, we discover other ways to explore the city...

Cruising with the AU: Five things you should know about the Scenic Jasper

According to the latest Cruise Lines International Association stats, released last month, over one million Aussies took a cruise holiday in 2014. And with a population that’s projected to reach 24 million shortly (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics)… well that’s just a huge proportion of cruise lovers. Although ocean cruises lead the way, river cruising numbers have surged by more than 60 percent! Enter Scenic, the only Australian-owned and Australian-operated river cruising company in Europe. In 2008 Scenic launched the trademark super plush Scenic Space-Ships and this year saw the two newest Space-Ship vessels join the ranks – Scenic Jasper and Scenic Opal.

A day in Houston: Three must visit attractions in the Texan city for fans of Baseball, arts and science!

Johnny Au headed to Houston, Texas and brings us three must visit attractions for fans of baseball, science and the arts!

Travel Feature: Top Five Holiday Homes in Australia announced

"Sea La Vie Sunrise Beach" in Queensland nabs the top spot

With 'staycations' steadily rising in popularity in Australia, more and more people are looking towards services like Stayz to help discern a property which will give them everything they need for a home-away-from-home experience. Recently, Stayz released data of the top five most popular holiday homes in Australia so you'll want to bookmark this one and start planning your next getaway.

Travel Feature: 7 reasons to explore Outback NSW - from Mad Max to Moon Walking

Mad Max Museum in Silverton

Of course there are plenty more than just seven reasons to saddle up and head on out on an adventure around outback NSW, but how can you fit all that beauty in just one little box? Living in Australia, we have access to some of the most wondrous terrain on earth and it's about time we took advantage of that. Here we look at the outback of NSW, and five essential stops for any trip across that stretch of regional grandeur.

The best ways to get to Toronto, Canada from Australia (and a few travellers tips for your arrival)

This May, the annual music festival and conference Canadian Music Week will be opening its doors to the world, shining a spotlight on Australia and New Zealand, bringing with it dozens of bands and delegates from our countries up to the great city of Toronto. Why not come and join us? Over the next two weeks on AU Abroad we'll be taking you on a special journey to the city to firstly, let you know how to get there and then give you some insight into what to do while you're there, as they finally leave their cold winter behind and head towards the beautiful Canadian Summer. But we start off with the journey itself, which can be as quick or as lengthy as you see fit.