the AU interview at BIGSOUND: Oli and Louis Leimbach of Lime Cordiale (Sydney)

the AU review sat down with brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach of Lime Cordiale while at BIGSOUND 2014 in Brisbane to talk about their new music and latest recording sessions, their drummer, their live show and much more...

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Emma & The Hungry Truth "Always The Last To Know" (2014)

"Always The Last To Know" is the exciting first taste of Brisbane-based band Emma & The Hungry Truth’s debut EP, Feast, and today we premiere the video on the AU. Fronted by the enigmatic Emma Dean, The six-piece have crafted a release that is being described as a combination of theatrical pop, tribal beats, soaring vocals and break-your-heart lyrics. Watch the video here:

BIGSOUND 2014 Featured Photo Gallery: July Talk - New Globe Theatre, Brisbane (10.09.14)

Canadian band July Talk was one of the "buzz" bands during BIGSOUND 2014. Our photographer Johnny Au captured one of their dynamic sets at the New Globe Theatre to show you what all the fuss was about:

the AU interview: Alex Rathgeber and Claire Lyon on "Anything Goes" and "Phantom of the Opera"

We chat to stage actors Alex Rathgeber and Claire Lyon about their roles as Billy Crocker and Hope Harcourt in the new version of Anything Goes - the classic Broadway Musical - hitting Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia in 2015. We also discuss their experiences with Phantom of the Opera, which Claire is currently enjoying a tour of around Asia. Alex was previously Raoul on the West End.

Nintendo's 125th Anniversary: A Gamecube Retrospective - The Console

GCN Logo

Starting its life as a card company, September 23rd will mark the 125th anniversary of Nintendo Koppai, founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. In recognition of the company's inarguable legacy in the world of gaming, we're going to looking back over the coming weeks at some of the high - and low - points of Nintendo's gaming history. Today, we look back at that purple, cubed console that was the Gamecube.

Album News Weekly: 16 September 2014

In This Issue: Great list this week. From Augie March to Damien Rice to The Flaming Lips to Mary J. Blige to Montgomery to...a lot of others! Check it out guys, you only live once.

Album Review: Lauren Glezer - Searching For Tall (2014 EP)

Lauren Glezer's debut five track EP, Searching For Tall, reflects and signifies the beginning of a talented young folkstress. Emotional, raw and honest are words that come to mind when reflecting on the EP, which doesn't fall short on quality. It's evident that each track has been carefully crafted and perfected by Glezer, with the listener left feeling satisfied and sublime.

Photo Gallery: The A-Z of BIGSOUND 2014 (Part One)

Photographer Johnny Au takes us to BIGSOUND in Brisbane with an A-Z of the best performances he captured from the week. In Part One, we take you from Airling to The Love Junkies.

Brisbane Festival Review: Com Truise - The Telstra Spiegeltent (11.09.14)

Brisbane Festival is in full swing at the moment. Last week, I went and saw a very under-publicized artist from New York - Seth Haley - known by the pseudonym Com Truise, performing at The Telstra Spiegeltent.

Single Stream: Run The Jewels "Oh My Darling Don't Cry" (2014)

"Oh My Darling Don't Cry" is the latest offering from the unstoppable duo of Killer Mike and El-P - collectively known as Run The Jewels - with a jaw-dropping bassline that is as aggressive as anything they have put out before. Making no apologies for their menacing trash talk, both emcees swim over the beat with ease, switching it up towards the end as the drum pattern goes ballistic. It's unclear whether or not the Adult Swim single will appear on their sophomore album RTJ2, but it's pretty safe to say that with this and the previously released "Blockbuster Night Part 1", things are looking mighty fine for RTJ.

Eating with the AU: Cafe Del Mar - Cockle Bay Wharf (Sydney)

Though approaching it's first birthday, Sydney venue Café del Mar still has that new shine about it when you step into the stunning indoor area, meeting with a decor of blue, white, and gold which gives the restaurant an exclusive look, despite the infectiously casual vibe that shoots through the venue. It's the type of Mediterranean glamour you can expect from a major European city, coupled with the unique charm of Sydney's Darling Harbour. With inspiration from it's namesake institution, the venue has done well to paint Cockle Bay Wharf with a distinctive and consistent chill-out atmosphere, perched up high above one of the best spaces Sydney has to offer.

Live Review: Stillwater Giants + Coach Bombay + Winston Surfshirt - Beach Road Hotel, Bondi (13.09.14)

The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi is a brilliant venue for a couple of reasons. It’s down the road from the beach for one. The majority of gigs that go down there are free, all the while consistently featuring some of Australia’s top artists. It’s also a curious venue that can fluctuate between high capacity, rowdy crowds and intimate displays of musicianship depending on the clientele on any given night. Coming off the back of BIGSOUND, Stillwater Giants and Coach Bombay stopped by Sydney this past Saturday for a night of the latter, truly earning the appreciation of the new fans they gained on the night.

the AU sessions: Little May (Sydney) performs "Dust"

Sydney trio Little May stopped by the AU HQ earlier this month to give us a taste of their new single "Dust", coming off their debut self-titled EP (due out on October 10th). Enjoy this live and exclusive AU session here:

Get on the Bandwagon: Pozible's Alan Crabbe talks about the Support Act Charity Fundraiser.

As the Bandwagon campaign for the charity Support Act hits the halfway mark - setting itself up to be the largest ever crowd funding campaign ever for an Australian charity! - new rewards have been made available from Megan Washington and Tim Finn! We caught up with Pozible director and co-founder Alan Crabbe to find out how the crowdfunding website got involved in Bandwagon...

New Music Video: Jack White "Would You Fight For My Love?" (2014)

It seems Jack White has become a fan of giving himself a very tight deadline. Back when his current album Lazaretto wasn' released yet, the revered artist performed and pressed to vinyl the album's title track in less than four hours. Now he's back, giving himself just 24 hours to conceive and create a video for one of the LP's best selections "Would You Fight For My Love?". A brooding White looking equally bright and moody sits at at a bar and trails along the ghostly aesthetic as he sits at a bar looking all dapper and lonely. Check it out below.