the AU interview: Mac Demarco (Canadia) talks Asia, a possible buddy-flick, and more at Laneway Festival Singapore

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of catching up with Mac DeMarco at St Jermone's Laneway Festival 2015 in Singapore. In part one of this two part interview, Mac and bassist Pierce McGarry talk about being the crowned prince of indie rock & roll, the world-saving vibe that iPhone users give off in their crowds, and more.

Album Review: Watsky - All You Can Do (2014 LP)

San Fransisco's Watsky, a viral and vocally vivid sensation, released his third studio album All You Can Do earlier last year. It's not surprising that the realm of slam poetry is not as far from rap as one may think; the idea of rhyme and rhythm, often improvised with the pulse of one voice could describe either of the two mediums. Watsky, in either a ploy of passion or genius, has combined the two expertly and it makes for one very compelling package.

Hello Asia! Indonesian Film Review: Erau Kota Raja (Indonesia, 2015)

Having filmmakers venturing overseas for vibrant locations is not uncommon in Indonesian screen culture. Their efforts often compliment the narrative producing exceptional international and best-selling standard many of us are proud of. However, simply replicating the success formula of Hollywood unfortunately emphasizes the lack of identity in Indonesian films. With more talents exploring the beauty of the archipelago, embracing and celebrating the local traditions, cuisines and cultures in recent years, my faith in the Indonesian screen culture is restored.

Aussies Abroad: New international tours announced for Chet Faker, Hermitude, Dune Rats, The Preatures & The Cat Empire

It's massive times for Australian bands around the world right now - and in our new weekly series we bring you dates from just some of the artists touring and conquering the world. Here are five Aussies you can catch around the globe in the coming months:

Album Review: Clockwise - Dancing World (2014 EP)

The latest EP from Australian-born, LA based artist Clockwise, Dancing World, is an unlikely arrangement. I say unlikely, because despite being labelled “Indie-Pop” on the ol’ Wikipages, if you listened to their collection here you would immediately peg the outfit as electro or synth-pop or another of those new-aged genres that continue to pop up in the wave of innovative, non-traditional acts that spout keys, synths and digital effects as the main feature in their musical arsenal. There’s a tinge of traditional indie or folk that shines through what is predominantly a dance record. It’s unique enough to earn it a tip of the cap, and a cheeky tag to keep tabs on as they continue to develop into a powerhouse act in years to come.

the AU playlist: Top 10 hip house tracks from Jungle Brothers and Monie Love to Childish Gambino and Vic Mensa

Mixing up EDM and house music into hip hop is nothing new, it's a genre-blend that's has been attempted since the days of "Planet Rock"; results have always been mixed. The "hip house" label died off a bit for more than a few years after the end of the 90's, with only a few managing to get the formula just right, pushing both styles of music forward and coming up with something that sounds innovative and fresh. Vic Mensa has been the most successful of new-gen rappers to concoct this potent mix, with monstrous track "Down On My Luck" putting his name forth around the globe as one of the most versatile young emcees around, fitting nicely beside his more traditional hip hop material. To celebrate Vic touring Australia with St Jermone's Laneway Festival we thought it best to track the greatest hip-house songs, trying to place the incredible "Down On My Luck" into it's rightful place near the top of the relatively short lineage of hip house.

the AU interview: Future Islands (Baltimore, Maryland) talk smoking, fame, Letterman and more backstage at Laneway Festival Singapore

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of interviewing American synth-pop band, Future Islands at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015 in Singapore. In part one of this two part interview, we talk about Future’s recent tour and the band let’s us in on what they love to check out in every new city they visit.

VideAU Games News Byte: Here's 12 straight minutes of The Witcher 3 in action

CD Projekt Red have released a brand new trailer for The Witcher 3 that shows off a huge amount of gameplay footage! If you're craving after more Geralt following our hands-on article this week, then feast your eyes.

Album News Weekly: 28th January 2015

In This Issue: Artists back from hiatus and one collab that promises to be a killah! (pun bell). The press releases are well and truly rolling in so take a look at the list of goods coming your way.

Hello Asia! Live Review: Shonen Knife - Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne (25.01.15)

Shonen Knife has earned themselves a truly robust worldwide cult following; legions of male and female fans, sold out gigs, and a brand new album of tunes in tow, the three-member all-girl Japanese rock outfit are among the world’s most famous rock groups. Touring across Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe, and America, the widely acclaimed trio finally arrived in Australia after six years!

VideAU Tech News Byte: Twitter adds group conversations, video sharing

Twitter logo

Wildly popular social network Twitter has rolled out a pair of brand new features overnight, according to their blog.

the AU interview: We hang backstage with Royal Blood (Brighton) at Laneway Singapore!

This past weekend, the AU review's Larry Heath had a chance to sit down and interview UK rock duo Royal Blood at Laneway Festival in Singapore. We talk to them about their crazy past 12 months and how much they are enjoying touring and playing. The duo talk about how their live show hasn't changed despite the growth in popularity - it is "always a different party" though all the "main elements are always there". Watch on for more:

F&L News: Smirnoff dominates summer with Smirnoff Frozen Pouches

With summer in full swing, people around the country are looking to stock up on pre-mixes that are a little cooler than your usual go-to beverages. Enter the always- reliable Smirnoff, who recently launched a new range of alcoholic products in the form of Smirnoff Frozen Pouches.

Single Stream: Sia "Salted Wound" (2015)

Tracks from the likes of The Weeknd, Beyonce, and Ellie Goulding have already given us a good idea of what the 50 Shades of Grey Motion Picture Soundtrack is shaping up to be; now it's Sia's turn. "Salted Wound" is not oversexed liked the aforementioned, swirling into the evocative atmosphere that always accompanies Sia's vocal acrobatics. Listen to it below:

Sydney Festival Live Review: Cornelius Presents salyu x salyu - The Aurora (23.01.15)

Japanese contempo-pop singer Salyu brought her salyu x salyu show to Australia for the first time. One of the more curious additions to this year’s Sydney Festival program, the show was a collaboration with Japanese super producer Cornelius, seeing the singer stretching her voice as an instrument, utilizing loop pedals and multiple harmonies to create soundscapes.