the AU interview: Matthew Wright of The Getaway Plan (Melbourne) talks on new record "Dark Horses" and more

The year of possibilities seems to be under way with The Getaway Plan. With their crowdfunding campaign reaching success last year, the funding from their loyal fanbase made it possible to release Dark Horses - which is available today! Lead vocalist, Matthew Wright, was more than excited that the record was being released and this in return made him feel shocked at how fast everything came together, "It feels like just yesterday that we were making this record and then all of a sudden it's almost unshelved. It's fucking awesome."

Travel Feature: The Top Five Towns to Visit in Europe (That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)

Being an Australian overseas leaves you target for long open-ended conversation with two types of people – those who love Australia and haven’t been, and those who love Australia and have been. However, when I hear someone say they’ve been to Oz, and then proceed to tell me they saw Sydney and Melbourne – for five days a piece no less – the same thought always crosses my mind. That’s not the real Australia. Immediately town names are flying through my head of places to recommend should they ever get back to the land down under, so they can see the ‘real’ Australia.

the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Cafeine (Canada) talks new album, LA and Australian vibes

Larry Heath caught up with indie post punk singer/songwriter Cafeine while he was at the Indies for the Canadian Music Week Awards in Toronto. During his time at CMW, he notes he has played a few shows, met new people, done a few interviews and has been “enjoying the water because the wine is expensive”. Click through to hear the full interview, where he talks about writing his new album, his manager, Australia, and more...

Book Review: Alex Hammond's "The Unbroken Line" (2015)

Alex Hammond's The Unbroken Line is the second in his series of books about vigilante Melbourne lawyer Will Harris. Set against a back drop of Melbourne glamour, corruption, and a conspiracy stretching back to the landing of the First Fleet. It takes inspiration from a little-reported pseudo-conspiracy in Melbourne called The Brotherhood, a group of high powered Victorian police officers and former MPs who may or may not swapped favours before being investigated in 2011.

Album Review: Beast & Flood - Lanugo (2015 LP)

Sydney three-piece Beast & Flood float somewhere between alternative rock and post-punk, with some emo and post-hardcore feels in there as well. But they don’t fit perfectly into any of these labels, and as such their debut album, Lanugo, is an exciting prospect; an idea-driven, genre-fusing foray of surging musical bouts and super tight atmospheric jams. It’s an album bursting with elaborate instrumentation, where every arrangement is pushed to the brink and pulled off with seamless dexterity. This pedal-to-the-medal, all-in approach sees Beast & Flood reach some scintillating heights, but compelling throughout Lanugo is its visceral intensity and full-throttle sense of purpose.

Stumbled Upon #060 - Penelope Austin (Sydney)

In our 60th instalment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet Sydney's Penelope Austin, and chat about using music as a coping mechanism, living a nomandic life and get a sneak peak at her latest single ‘Trigger’.

the AU interview: Fraser A. Gorman (Melbourne) chats about his brand new album "Slow Gum"

Fraser A. Gorman is a 24 year old Melbourne musician who has been making waves locally and abroad with his brand of wry poetry, bent tropicalia, country-soul and rock. In this interview with John Goodridge, Fraser chats about his music and what influences him in his songwriting as he gears up for the release of his brand new album Slow Gum - out today!

International Arts Feature: North Carolina Museum of Art's George Holt talks about their exciting Summer Season

As those who just attended Dark Mofo would attest though, it's a cold winter here in Australia for art lovers. But up in North America they're well and truly enjoying the heat of Summer. Every State in the US has their own claim to fame when it comes to their galleries and art institutions, but few have taken our interest more than the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Eating with the AU: Grill’d Nourish & Flourish Burger launch with nutritionist Lola Berry

Grill'd Ambassador Lola Berry with celebrity personal trainer Dan Adair

There’s nothing like a good burger, one that barely fits in your mitts or your mouth, the crunch of fresh ingredients and soft bun giving way as you bite into it, catching driblets of juicy goodness before they stain your shirt. Yep, there are a multitude of places which fulfil that burger ideal and Grill’d have positioned themselves amongst the top of the lot. Not only has the chain differentiated itself with its ‘real food’ philosophy and community spirit, it may just have cracked the ‘healthy eating’ stigma in the new Nourish & Flourish burger, specially formulated with the help of audaciously vibrant author of The Happy Cookbook Lola Berry.

Album Review: Citizen - Everybody is Going To Heaven (2015 LP)

Citizen has always been pretty renowned in this new generation of pop punk. While folks like A Day To Remember and The Wonder Years have their roots firmly in the world of relatability and catchiness, Citizen has always gone more for melancholy and…catchiness. Ok, so pop punk has never been the deepest of genres, and aside from a couple of outliers (such as the aforementioned The Wonder Years or Say Anything) there really isn’t much a band can experiment with in the genre after they’ve found their sound. Citizen had found their sound a long while back, stripped down and just generally a bummer. You wouldn’t expect much different from what is their third album Everybody is Going to Heaven - but you would be wrong.

the AU interview: Joel Silbersher of Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses talks upcoming album and evolving their sound

Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses have been hard at work on their upcoming album Tunnel at the End of the Light, due for release July 17. Acting as the third part in a trilogy of albums, the languid and meditative LP is convincingly real, offering a dynamic foundation for the band's upcoming shows this July and August. Guitarist Joel Silbersher walks us through the album and its many components.

Book Review: Adam MacDougall's "The Man Plan" (2015)

The Man Plan is a no-nonsense health and fitness book specifically designed for the modern individual. It is targeted at men in particular and those who have become complacent about their health and confused by the inundation of messages about fad diets and fitness plans while the Western world battle a burgeoning obesity epidemic. The Man Plan is designed to be practical and offer some real solutions to some big problems that are often overlooked.

Aussies Abroad: Spookyland, Hermitude, What So Not and Angus and Julia Stone hitting Lollapalooza, touring North America and Europe

To further our support of Australian artists touring internationally, we are presenting the tour dates of four more talented Aussie bands touring in USA, Canada and all over Europe this season. Get ready to pencil these down.

Arts Review: Risqué Review - Slide Lounge, Sydney (Performances until September 24th)

The sexy Paris burlesque feeling, the lavishness of French cabaret and the glamour of fine dining all comes to life at Slide Lounge for the Risqué Review. This is fabulously fun and seductively sexy evening of French-themed performance and cuisine, and as you make your way through the 3-course meal prepared to be wow-d by six performers who know how to show off their talents (and bodies)!

Single of the Day: The Laurels “Zodiac K” (2015)

The Laurels have returned after a long break with the new track “Zodiac K”, a chilled out shoegaze track. It grows from an atmospheric intro into a psych groove led by the drums and bass, complimented by vocals reminiscent of Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine. The Laurels also announced a tour with Pond frontman Nick Allbrook in solo form as support. Listen to "Zodiac K" here: